Anzac Community Grants - Information for applicants

Advice to applicants

The Anzac Community Grants Program provides small grants for a range of projects that commemorate and educate New South Wales communities about the service and sacrifices of current and former military servicemen and women. Projects which support activities benefiting the NSW veteran community are also eligible for funding. Further information regarding eligibility criteria can be found below.

When completing your application please ensure that you have provided enough information for the Assessing Committee to understand the details of the project (including what your project will involve, the background or context, key dates and who is involved with the preparation and delivery of the project). Quotations from suppliers or contractors as well as clear photographs are essential application inclusions.

Co-funding for projects are assessed favourably, particularly when an applicant has the capacity to make a contribution or where opportunities are available to seek a co-contribution. Projects may be awarded partial funding in cases considered appropriate by the Assessing Committee.

The Assessing Committee will be comprised of representatives from the NSW Government and may include non-government and ex-service organisation representatives.

 Eligibility criteria

  1.  Projects must fulfil at least one of the following four criteria
    1. Educate NSW communities about the service and sacrifices of current and former servicemen and women in all wars and conflicts e.g. research, exhibitions, lectures.
    2. Commemorate the service and sacrifices of current and former NSW servicemen and women in all wars and conflicts e.g. re-enactments, artisitic or dramatic perfromances, community commemorative events.
    3. Support activities benefitting the NSW veteran community e.g. excursions, milestone reunions
    4. Community engagement.
  2. Applications must be for projects located inside NSW or which are of direct and substantial relevance to the State.
  3. The following types of organisations are eligible to apply:
    • Local government associations and NSW councils
    • Community groups 
    • Schools, educational institutions and affiliated groups e.g. parents & friends associations
    • Incorporated associations or bodies  e.g. RSL sub-branches, religious or cultural groups, clubs
    • Ex-service organisations
    • Not-for-profit organisations
    • Museums and historical societies
    • Military unit associations and ship associations
    • Individuals or corporations operating on a not-for-profit basis.
  4. The maximum NSW grant for any one application will ordinarily be $2,000. In exceptional circumstances, the Assessing Committee may approve grants higher than $2,000, but not exceeding $5,000.
  5. Applicants must complete the Application Form and include clear photographs, location shots (if applicable), proposed plans and any other available documentation including the name and contact details of the nominated person overseeing the proposed project. 
  6. The Assessing Committee may, in extraordinary circumstances, approve applications that do not meet all of the above criteria.
  7. Grants will not be provided to cover costs associated with:
    • projects that deliver predominately individual rather than community benefit
    • providing sponsorship or grants to third parties
    • travel costs e.g. flights, accommodation, hire car fees, food and beverage costs while travelling, travelling costs of performers or suppliers
    • indirect costs and routine operations of the organisation e.g. salaries not directly related to the project, audit and accounting, consumables, bank charges and taxes, electricity, legal and licence fees, office supplies, stationery, telecommunications, insurances, postage and freight, office rent, committee meeting expenses
    • prizes and gifts e.g. competition prizes, prize money, trophies, gifts for speakers or performers
    • expenditure for projects that has already been incurred or is ongoing e.g. project planning, commission fees incurred for hte development and/or design of the project, annual maintenance costs
    • project contingency funds
    • significant capital works
    • projects that result in an unreasonable profit for the recipient
    • projects for the conservation, protection and improvement of accessibility of existing NSW war memorials (Go to the Community War Memorials Fund on this website for information on grants supporting these projects)
    • acquisition of military memorabilia e.g. medals, regalia, bugles, flags

 Submitting your application

Applications close 24 February 2017. Late applications will not be accepted.

Completed application forms should be submitted by email or post. 

Veterans' Affairs, Department of Premier and Cabinet, GPO Box 5341, SYDNEY NSW 2001

Further information

Please contact Veterans's Affairs by email addressed to or telephone 02 9228 4710